Emerging Chinese EV maker sends out first batch of right hand drive electric cars

Back in June, reports surfaced of more EV brands from China setting up EV production in Thailand’s right-hand-drive market. 

While construction of production facilities by large EV manufacturers like BYD and GAC are underway, a new report from cnevpost reveals that the first batch of right-hand-drive EVs by GAC Aion has now set sail towards Thailand.

The first shipment starts the international expansion of the brand with its Aion Y Plus EVs. One hundred of these EVs in right-hand-drive configuration boarded a vehicle transporter ship at Guangzhou’s Nansha Port ready for the journey.

Back in June, GAC Aion signed a memorandum of cooperation with a large Thai dealership group to enter the market which was the first step for the brand to start its international expansion.





Part of this new arrangement included GAC looking into setting up a head office for Southeast Asian operations in Thailand. 

There were also plans underway to set up local production of models it plans to offer in Thailand and other right-hand-drive markets.

Thailand’s vehicle market being right-hand-drive is in some ways comparable to ours here in Australia. Many of the most popular vehicle models sold in Australia are currently built in Thailand. These include utes like Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger.

GAC Aion move into Thailand is an interesting one and enables GAC Aion to deliver affordable EVs to other markets too in the coming years.


According to cnevpost, GAC Aion has sold over 45,000 vehicles in the month of July and is producing EVs at scale. 


Other EV brands are also offering products in the growing Thailand EV market, including BYD which has done quite well in Australia since launching last year.

Shipping of more right-hand-drive EVs will allow the introduction of more electric cars at various price points, helping many more drivers make the switch to cleaner EVs in the coming years.






Post time: Oct-26-2023