Honda e:NS1 Electric Car SUV EV ENS1 New Energy Vehicle Price China Automobile For Sales

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Honda’s e:NS1 is an electric crossover suv

  • PRICE:: US$ 15900 - 23900
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    HONDA e:NS1

    Energy Type


    Driving Mode


    Driving Range(CLTC)

    MAX. 510KM



    Number of Doors


    Number of Seats


    HONDA ENS1  (8)


    HONDA ENS1 (6)


    The e:NS1 and e:NP1 are essentially EV versions of the third-generation 2022 Honda HR-V, which has gone on sale in Thailand and Indonesia and is coming to Malaysia. The EVs first surfaced in October 2021 along with a range of electric concepts under the “e:N Series” banner

    Honda says that these e:N Series cars – the first Honda-brand EV models in China – combines Honda’s monozukuri (art of making things), which includes the pursuit of originality and passion, with the cutting-edge electrification and intelligence technologies of China. They were developed with the concept of “inspiring EVs people have never experienced before”.

    Tech and connectivity is very important in the Chinese market, and the e:NS1/e:NP1 will feature the latest that’s available there, including Honda Connect 3.0 developed exclusively for EVs, shown on a huge 15.1-inch Tesla-style portrait central touchscreen. New in the safety department is the Driver Monitoring Camera (DMC), which detects inattentive driving and signs of driver drowsiness.

    The e:NS1/e:NP1 body is clearly the new HR-V’s, but the ICE car’s wide six-point grille has been sealed up – the EV features a luminescent ‘H’ emblem instead, and the charging port is behind it. At the back, there’s no H – instead, Honda is spelled out between the full-width LED signature and the number plate. Script logo at the back is also a thing now on Lexus SUVs.

    The e:NS1/e:NP1 is part of Honda’s plan to introduce 10 e:N Series models by 2027. To support this, GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda will each build a new dedicated EV plant with the aim to start production in 2024.


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