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The Aion V -  a battery-electric compact crossover SUV

  • Model: AION V
  • Driving Range: Max. 600KM
  • Price: US$ 19900 - 29900
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    AION V

    Energy Type


    Driving Mode


    Driving Range(CLTC)

    MAX. 600KM



    Number of Doors


    Number of Seats



    GAC AION V (4)

    GAC AION V (3)



    Aion is an EV brand under the GAC Group. The new car retains the previous model’s overall design but features slight configuration upgrades. The series now utilizes a 180 kW (241 hp) electric drive.



    Regarding the interior, the new AION V Plus maintains the previous model’s design while receiving enhancements in details and configuration. A new beige interior theme has been introduced, replacing the previous “orange-gray mirage.” The instrumentation and central control areas have been optimized, and the audio system has been upgraded with Premium HIFI speakers.


    Regarding the cruising range, the new car offers three options: 400km, 500km, and 600km, according to NEDC standards. Adding the 400km version lowers the entry barrier for potential buyers. Furthermore, AION utilizes its high-speed battery technology in the new car and equips it with A480 charging piles. These charging piles can provide an additional 200km of battery life after just 5 minutes. The new Aion V Plus has added a V2L external discharge kit. It can meet the needs of users to supply power to other electrical appliances outdoors.

    In terms of intelligent features, the new AION V Plus is equipped with practical functions such as one-button remote parking, the ADiGO PILOT driving assistance system, and high-speed autonomous cruise control. Aian plans to introduce additional functions, such as theater mode and pet mode, to the vehicle through over-the-air (OTA) upgrades, thereby expanding the application scenarios of the cockpit.


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