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Aion S - a compact electric sedan

  • Model: AION S
  • Driving Range: Max. 610KM
  • Price: US$ 16900 - 22900
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    AION S

    Energy Type


    Driving Mode


    Driving Range(CLTC)

    MAX. 610KM



    Number of Doors


    Number of Seats






    GAC AION S (4)

    GAC AION S (9)



    Aion is a NEV (New Energy Vehicle) brand under GAC New Energy. It was first introduced in 2018 during the Guangzhou Auto Show. The GAC Aion S sedan was launched in 2019 as the brand’s second model. GAC regularly updated this model in China. In 2021, the Aion S Plus sedan entered the Chinese market.


    The Aion S Max sedan is a facelift of the S Plus. Its front end adopted split headlights with four LED strips. It also has a smaller air intake in the front bumper. The rear end of the Aion S Max has a thin LED strip that goes through the trunk door. The Aion S Max has two new exterior shades: Blue and Green. We should underline that the exterior styling of the Aion S Max is too clean. As a result, it is hard to distinguish it from other China-made EV sedans.



    According to Aion, the rear seats’ cushion height is 350 mm while the legroom is 960 mm, and the headroom is 965 mm. The front seats of the S Max can be folded, transforming into a bed. Speaking about other features of the S Max, it has heated and ventilated front seats, a Face-ID sensor, and 11 speakers.





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