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LI AUTO (Lixiang)  L7 is a five-seat midsize SUV with an extended-range hybrid system

  • FOB PRICE: US$ 37900 - 49900
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    Li L7, a five-seat flagship family SUV. Built to redefine five-seat family SUVs, Li L7 brings a new flagship experience to family users, particularly families of three.


    • A Deluxe Home: Li L7 features an exceptional second-row space with a “Queen’s Seat” mode, a comfortable interior, and a “Double Bed Mode,” as well as premium audio-visual equipment and many other flagship configurations.
    • A Mobile Home: Supported by the Company’s self-developed all-wheel drive range extension system, Li L7 boasts a CLTC range of 1,315 kilometers and a WLTC range of 1,100 kilometers, as well as acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds, offering outstanding travelling experience to family users.
    • A Safe Home: Li L7 is developed according to the China Insurance Automotive Safety Index’s (C-IASI) G rating (the highest rating) criteria for 25% frontal offset impact tests on both the driver and passenger sides and is one of the few mainstream five-seat SUVs in China in the RMB300,000 to RMB400,000 price range equipped with rear side airbags. Designed with the Company’s “Safety House” concept and “Green House” standard, Li L7 is built to protect each family’s safety and health.
    • A Smart Home: Li L7 boasts smart space and autonomous driving systems that keep evolving, creating an increasingly intelligent home for users’ families.
    • An Aesthetic Home: Li L7 is the most dynamic model in Li Auto’s product lineup. With its splendid 3D halo light and welcoming interior, it is the embodiment of aesthetics and functionality for superior comfort.


    LIXIANG LI AUTO L7 L8 L9  (22)


    A Deluxe Home with Class-Leading Space

    Well suited for families of three, Li L7 creates a spacious interior with superior comfort, providing a home-like experience for the entire family. As the Company’s first and flagship five-seat large SUV, Li L7 has a length of 5,050 millimeters, a width of 1,995 millimeters, a height of 1,750 millimeters, and a wheelbase of 3,005 millimeters. With 1,160-millimeter legroom at its maximum and nearly one-meter headroom, Li L7 boasts spacious second-row seats, exceptional among five-seat SUVs.


    Supported by a soft electric footrest at the back of the front passenger seat, close to 1.2 meters of legroom, a premium central armrest, an electric seatback adjustment with 25- to 40-degree recline angles and a 270-degree embracing design, the right second-row seat can convert to a “Queen’s Seat” with a single press of a button, offering passengers a pleasant and strain-free riding experience. Equipped with 26 storage spaces and a trunk with a depth of over one meter, Li L7 offers spacious and flexible storage room. It also supports “Double Bed Mode” that can be easily activated by taking off headrests and turning on “Camping Mode.”


    In addition to its flagship five-seat space, Li L7 also comes with premium audio-visual equipment that can turn the vehicle into an audio-visual room or game room, delivering the ultimate entertainment experience for the entire family. Li L7 Max is one of the few mainstream five-seat SUVs in China that comes standard with a rear row screen. It boasts three 15.7-inch 3K LCD screens, all with ultra-thin Anti-Reflective coating technology to ensure an undisturbed watching experience in strong lighting environments and Low Blue Light technology to effectively protect children’s eyesight. It is also equipped with 21 speakers, amplifiers with maximum power of 1,920 watts, and a 7.3.4 surround sound system, providing passengers with flagship audio-visual experience.

    Additionally, Li L7 comes standard with a panoramic sunroof with electric sunshade, double-layered, silver-plated heat insulating front windshield, independently controllable rear climate system, heating for five seats, ventilation and lumbar massage for four seats, and many other premium features, providing all-around comfort for each family member.


    LIXIANG LI AUTO L7 L8 L9  (10) LIXIANG LI AUTO L7 L8 L9  (14)

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