Geely Zeekr X ME YOU EV Electric Vehicle Car SUV China

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The new Zeekr X has strong EV performance and loads of personality, standing out from the thickening crowd of electric small SUVs

  • Model:: ZEEKR X
  • Driving Range:: MAX. 560KM
  • FOB Price:: US$ 23900 - 29900
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    Geely Zeekr X ME YOU EV Electric Vehicle Car SUV China


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    The new Zeekr X is one of these, closely related to the Smart #1 and Volvo EX30 small SUVs. All are built using Geely’s SEA platform.

    In China, the Zeekr X line-up uses the familiar Me and You trim levels, with You being the higher spec and the one driven here.



    What equipment comes with the Zeekr X?

    Naturally, the main differences between the five-seater and four-seater versions of the 2023 Zeekr X You are seat-related, but it goes much further than that.

    At first glance, you might not even realise you’re in a four-seater – the rear bench seat looks basically the same on both. But there’s a large fold-down centre arm rest and the cushion underneath not only has storage space inside but can be removed and both the remaining cushions can pop up.

    The front passenger gains a far more luxurious ‘zero gravity’ seat which can recline and has a footrest. There’s a maximum 101-degree angle between the seat cushion and footrest and 124 degrees between it and the backrest.

    Four-seaters also gain an electrically movable centre console which can include an optional fridge compartment (RMB1999, $A415). All models have heating and ventilation on the front seats, but in the four-seater the front passenger gains a massage function. Curiously, the driver misses out on the latter.

    All models get Nappa leather upholstery and there is a panoramic roof. You models get a 13-speaker Yamaha sound system while this is an RMB6000 ($A1240) upgrade on the Me version.

    Doors are frameless and there is an induction button to press to open them.



    What powers the Zeekr X?

    Single-motor/rear-wheel drive versions of the 2023 Zeekr X use a permanent magnet synchronous e-motor delivering 200kW and 343Nm of torque.

    On all-wheel drive versions like our test car, there’s an additional 115kW/200Nm permanent magnet synchronous motor on the front axle. Total output is 315kW/543Nm.

    How far can the Zeekr X go on a charge?

    All versions of the 2023 Zeekr X come with a 66kWh NCM-type lithium-ion battery.

    As tested, the four-seater dual-motor/all-wheel drive version can travel 500km before needing to recharge, based on China’s CLTC testing system that’s more generous that Europe’s WLTP as it concentrates on slow stop/start urban traffic.

    The equivalent five-seater model is claimed to have a 512km range, while single-motor/rear-drive variants can manage up to 560km.

    On a DC fast-charger, the Zeekr X can go from 30 to 80 per cent state of charge in half an hour, according to the car-maker.

    The Zeekr X also comes with vehicle-to-load (V2L) capability, meaning you can use your car to power electrical items such as laptops.









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