GEELY Galaxy E8 ALl Electric Car 2024 New Model EV Vehicle 4WD Sedan China

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Galaxy E8 - a mid-to-large-size electric sedan

  • Model: GEELY Galaxy E8
  • Driving Range of Battery: Max.665KM
  • Price: US$23900-33900
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    MAX. 665KM



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    geely galaxy e8 (8)

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    Galaxy is a new product array officially launched by Geely Auto on February 23, 2023 to target the mainstream plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicle markets.

    Geely Auto plans to launch a cumulative total of seven models in the Galaxy lineup by 2025, including four plug-in hybrid models in the L-series and three pure electric models in the E-series, according to its plans announced in February.

    The Galaxy L7 SUV, as well as the Galaxy L6 sedan, hit the market in 2023, and they are both hybrids.

    With the Galaxy E8, Geely Auto hopes to target the widest market of potential users, which is by far the most competitive in the EV segment.




    The Galaxy E8 is available with 62 kWh, 75.6 kWh, and 76-kWh battery pack options, and in terms of range, there are three options — 550 kilometers, 620 kilometers, and 665 kilometers — which are in line with current mainstream EV models.

    Geely Auto said it conducted extensive testing to optimize the Galaxy E8′s wind resistance, resulting in a drag coefficient as low as Cd 0.199.

    The Geely Galaxy E8 stands on the SEA platform, which underpins Zeekr, Smart, Volvo, Lotus, and other brands’ electric vehicles.



    Inside, the Geely Galaxy E8 has a 45-inch 8K OLED screen. A pleasing feature of this monitor is its thickness of just 10 mm. During the launch ceremony, Geely compared the Galaxy E8 with the BYD Han, hinting that their screen has better quality. It is quite unethical. However, the E8’s monitor stands out from the crowd.


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