2024 Dongfeng Voyah free 318 range extender SUV new energy vehicle China Plug-in hybrid  4WD Exploration

Short Description:

Dongfeng Voyah free 318 is a mid-to-large SUV,with longest electric range among EREVs

  • MODEL : Dongfeng Voyah free 318
  • Energy type: Plug-in hybird EV
  • FOB PRICE: $26,688-$38,688
  • Product Detail


    • Vehicle Specification


    MODEL Dongfeng Voyah free 318
    Energy Type PHEV
    Driving Mode 4WD
    Length*Width*Height(mm) 4950*1950*1645mm
    Number of Doors 5
    Number of Seats 5
    Battery type Ternary lithium battery
    Wheelbase(mm) 2960mm
    Max engine power 150Ps
    Max power of electric motor 490Ps

    The Voyah Free 318, which boasts amazing range and electrifying looks,uvailed byDongfeng Motor’s Voyah, The automobile has air suspension, a star-ring five-spoke wheel with a stunning red brake caliper, and a magnificent blackened design accent that creates a dynamic visual effect.

    With new, distinctive "titanium crystal gray" car paint and blackened features that accentuate its sporting appeal, the design is essentially identical to the present model. The rear of the Voyah Free 318 features a slight duck-tail shape, while the side keeps the small back contour line.

    The Voyah Free 318 has a pure electric range of 318 km and a comprehensive range of 1458 km. The engine and motor are powered by a 43kWh battery pack.

    The inside features a crisp white and green color pattern with black and green stitching for a contemporary feel. The Voyah Free 318 is equipped with Baidu Apollo intelligent driving assistance system, which provides high-speed assistance features including barrel detection to reduce risk when doing interstate repairs.

    The automatic parking assist technology of the VOYAH FREE 318 is a major selling point. The mechanism has been carefully calibrated to move the car quickly and safely into parking spaces of different sizes, making parking easy and effective every time. Furthermore, it is capable of helping with parking even in dimly lit areas.



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